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Mama BoK

i really love it raw .. the oysters.. if not with omelet.. ;)

Melissa Maples

omg that looks amazing! I love oysters and we just don't get them here. Like, at all. I don't know why, but I miss them.


That meal looks so delicious!


That oyster dish and homemade tofu looks so good!


i m allergic to oysters (mildly)...but ur description of this dish is so tempting that i m putting it on my 'to-make' list!!!


Thanks for the comments!

Melissa, that's too bad. Here we can't get mussels and I really miss them. I've actually found them a few times but they were frozen and tasted awful. If those are the only examples the Japanese have of mussels then it's no wonder they are not popular here.

ioyces, don't give yourself a reaction!!

terri@a daily obsession

i love oysters n this is the most unusual way of cooking them tt i've ever seen. but wouldn't the rice tast too fishy? n if i use frozen oysters, what do i do about the liquor?


Terri, this is one of the most common ways to eat oysters in Japan. The other favourite way is breaded and deep fried-- strangely raw oysters aren't big here.

I've never had fishy oyster rice before. I think a lot has to do with the quality of the oysters, but rinsing them and boiling the liquor helps too.

The liquor can be skipped (some Japanese recipes I found didn't use it at all), the only difference would be a milder oyster flavour. Fresh oysters are best but bottled or frozen should work fine.


I am a Korean food blogger living in the US. I landed on this post via worldwide (seems real :) web surfing and I am not going anywhere from here. My husband is an oyster killer and I know he is going to love this dish. So, I am going to try making it tonight and also blog about it later. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

If you are interested, check out my Korean Food blog at www.KoreanHomeCooking.com


Great blog Migi! Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Lai

Found your blog while googling recipe for Japanese oyster rice, cooked last night and it was very tasty. Your blog is now one of my favorite blogs, thanks.

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